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Welcome to the Job Creation Institute

Why Does JCI Exist?

Our Focus is on the Job Creation Process and its role creating opportunities for all.

Starting, Building and Managing a Business is one of the greatest challenges anyone can attempt.

We seek to
Illuminate, Celebrate & Facilitate
America’s Job Creators

What Is Unique About Our Message?

We seek to foster an innovative mindset about the
Job Creation Process while
providing an effective framework that is

Encouraging yet Realistic

Enlightening yet Practical

What Is The JCI Matrix?

We believe successful job creation and entrepreneurship requires
The full participation of three core participants:

Job Creator/Entrepreneur

Advisors & Team Members

Financial Partners/Investors

Our Materials are tailored to the needs and priorities of each group

How Does JCI Illuminate The Job Creator?

The vital role of the Job Creation process is not understood, not appreciated, and not supported in the manner it deserves.

JCI seeks to address this lack of awareness by highlighting the American Free Enterprise System and its Participants with

The Strateia Perspective Papers

The Growing the Pie Initiative

Ongoing Research and Insightful Publications

How Does JCI Celebrate The Job Creator?

The Job Creation Process is a demanding and difficult journey.
Few Americans understand the challenges and risks that must be overcome to succeed in starting and growing a success business.

Those who do Survive, Strive, & Succeed make contributions to our nation that deserve recognition and celebration. Our initiatives that seek to spotlight our Job Creators include:

The Job Creators Creed

Job Creator Case Studies

Job Creators Day

Job Creators SWAG

How Does JCI Facilitate The Job Creator?

The founders and advisors of JCI have developed a comprehensive set of practical materials from decades of direct involvement in the Job Creation process.

We first seek to create a MINDSET FOR SURVIVING, STRIVING & SUCCEEDING, and then provide a FRAMEWORK for effective implementation of the concepts covered in

The JCI Assessment
The JCI Survive Struggle Succeed Academy
The Streets to Success Case Studies
The JCI Podcast and Blog
Main Street Investor Group Training and Opportunities
The JCI Quick Reaction Team
The Strateia Seven Resources Community

How Do I Participate In The Work Of JCI?

We welcome involvement with our work at many levels, including enlisting local advisors and investors to work with Job Creators who are going through our Academy.

Contact us today and we will provide you with additional information to help determine how you can best assist in this exciting work!

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