Introducing the Job Creation Institute

Celebrating America's Job Creators



The American economic system has, for more than 250 years, produced the greatest good for the greatest number of people of any system that has ever been utilized by mankind. Today, even in the face of significant challenges to that system, America continues to be the world’s strongest and most economically dynamic nation. This resiliency was most recently demonstrated by the recovery from the Great Recession of 2007-2008.

A growing segment of our population realizes, however, that there is a need to address today’s issues and to “get back to our roots” to ensure that America successfully meets the challenges it faces. If we are, as a nation, to continue to offer to the generations to come the opportunity and freedom that will allow continued progress in the overall standard of living and economic security, we must act.

At the same time, another growing segment of our society is showing a lack of understanding of the vital role of our system in providing the profits and opportunities to address those flaws that exist in any economic and governmental system.

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The Start of JCI

To counter this trend and lack of awareness and gratitude, the Job Creation Institute was formed in 2011. The initial members of this group have collectively experienced the battles and struggles of small business and entrepreneurship. Their priority was to focus on the one issue they feel is most significant today – that of job creation.

The initial work of JCI has been conducted on a small and limited basis to provide a working laboratory to test concepts and materials developed during a collective history of more than 100 years of market experience. That effort is now spurred by a growing sense of the reality that our Free Enterprise System is under a misguided attack by those seemingly ignorant of its power and processes.

In a nation such as ours, the core source of ongoing growth in productivity and overall economic strength is the efficient allocation of capital to the creation of new, quality jobs. It is jobs that make it possible for the average American to take care of their family today and to have positive expectations for the future. It is jobs that produce wealth; it is jobs that create taxes to be paid; it is jobs that provide funds for consumer purchasing, and it is jobs that provide cultural stability and personal satisfaction. We at JCI term this the “Growing the Pie” phenomenon.

While we fully support the reality that there is a role for government in America, we like to quote and support the perspective of one recent leader in noting, “The best housing program, the best health program, the best education program is a job.” Those premises underly the content and context of our “Job Creators Creed.”


Saving the Economy

The salvation of our economic engine has thankfully been found to originate in the efforts of those often referred to as small business people and entrepreneurs. Estimates are that from 1980 to today, big companies have shed more than 60,000,000 jobs – while new and small companies have created more than 45,000,000.

Recognizing the truly vital role the Job Creator plays, we must now give a face to this American economic hero, personalize the players, celebrate their contributions and give them the recognition that will encourage and motivate them to continue in the ever-difficult process of creating jobs.

We have true American heroes defending our nation daily, prepared to “take a bullet” to defend our country and way of life. It in no way detracts from the glory and sacrifice of our uniformed men and women to draw a parallel to the role of today’s Job Creator, those who work diligently to build this country through our Free Enterprise System.


The vastly underappreciated struggle of launching, building, managing and growing a business that creates quality jobs is the battlefield of the Job Creator. The gauntlet to success includes daily sacrifices: There are numerous and far too many casualties, and there are ever-growing risks to those who seek to succeed in today’s economic world.

However, many of these persevering Free Enterprise Warriors prevail, and they create jobs by the handfuls and dozens, collectively creating the millions of jobs that give life to the opportunities that our system is designed to provide.

We must now recognize and encourage these Job Creators, these economic warriors, and celebrate the role they play in providing the core power to the American economic engine.


To encourage and facilitate a greater societal and cultural awareness and appreciation of the Job Creator, the Job Creation Institute has been established.

The goal and purpose of the Job Creation Institute is to enhance the role of the Job Creators as viewed by our society. To achieve this, we have adopted three complementary elements for our mission:

Illuminating the Role of the Job Creator. By providing an extensive file of articles, research and documentation, the empirical case for the vital role of the Job Creator will be publicized. A regular stream of press releases and blogs will be provided to encourage both local and national discussion of this essential American economic hero.

Celebrating the Job Creator. Raising the visibility of the individuals who are on the front lines of our economy starting, building, and running companies that create the jobs that drive the American economic engine. The Institute will provide specific and concrete tools to recognize and celebrate this contribution with press releases, certificates, identifying buttons and pins and an on-line Hall of Fame gallery.


Facilitating Job Creator Resources. As the positioning of the Institute’s role as a focal point for the Job Creator expands, we will provide an ever-growing and powerful point of coordination for those tools, resources and organizations that equip and empower the Job Creator to more effectively perform their role in an ever more challenging economic environment. This educational and development process is possible through an extensive library of products and materials currently owned and to be developed by JCI. An additional focus will be creating awareness and providing insights to the investors and advisors who seek to work with and invest in job creators.