Expansion of Job Creation Institute Resources Announced A Pro-Active, Grassroots Effort to Enhance Job Creation by Celebrating & Equipping the Job Creator

Expansion of Job Creation Institute Resources Announced A Pro-Active, Grassroots Effort to Enhance Job Creation by Celebrating & Equipping the Job Creator

College Station, TX April 15, 2019:
Founded in 2011, the Job Creation Institute today
announced the expansion of its work
beyond private clients. According to one of the co-founders,
Joe Glover, “This grassroots effort
to facilitate Job Creation was launched after the economic turmoil
of the 2008-2009 recession. We have
worked with a limited number of private clients since then to
directly attack the immediate and
persistent need to create quality, long-term jobs.”

Glover added, “The Institute works to achieve three primary goals:

  • Celebrating the Job Creator,
  • Illuminating the Role of the Job Creator,
  • Equipping Job Creators with Needed Resources.”

Products and processes offered by JCI are based on its work for the past eight years and the decades of combined experiences of the JCI team of advisors and associates. More information on these products are forthcoming in future announcements.

Paul Ptak, another of the founders of JCI, explains, “The concepts and philosophy of our organization are set forth in the Job Creators Creed that can be downloaded from our website. It summarizes our belief that, ‘This great nation has been built more by profits made than taxes paid.’ We feel a greater understanding of these realities will counter some of the current misguided attacks on the American Free Enterprise System.”

America’s Secret Weapon

Glover continues, “Today we are enjoying unprecedented levels of employment, largely thanks to the efforts of small businesses and their founders. When JCI was founded there were millions of unemployed and thousands of politicians and pundits merely discussing this problem. They were well-intentioned, but most of these people have never created a single job and have no idea what the process requires. However, two seminal pieces of legislation came from this period and they are dramatically changing the game for job creators and entrepreneurs. These include The Jobs Act of 2017 and the Defense of Trade Secrets Act of 2016.”

Deborah Anderson, also one of the Institute’s founders and herself a Job Creator, adds, “We live in the best economic system and the best time in history for the creation of jobs and opportunities for individuals. It is essential that we collectively focus on the issue of job creation and ensure that everyone is benefiting from these opportunities. That is the central aspect of the ongoing work of the Institute.”

She adds, “But it is not just the system – it is the Job Creators themselves who are integral to making that system work. Just as we celebrate having the world’s greatest fighting force of men and women serving to protect our way of life, it is time the Job Creator receives the recognition and encouragement they deserve for creating our unprecedented standard of living. We consider these Job Creators as the often under-appreciated “secret weapon” in this fight.

As a grass roots effort, JCI will seek to aggressively build its network of supporters and resources over the coming months and years to achieve the stated goals of the organization. An early and significant effort will be working with Congress to create a national “Job Creators Day” to increase public awareness and appreciation of the men and women who serve so tirelessly to create our nation’s jobs.

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