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JCI Strive Survive Succeed Academy

The goal of the materials in the JCI Survive, Strive and Succeed Academy is to provide a Framework & Mindset for the entrepreneurial journey.

We believe a great error in the standard approach to entrepreneurship is to speak only to the individual who is the designated Job Creator or entrepreneur. By their very nature, most entrepreneurs are focused and goal oriented in a manner that precludes listening to advice or taking time to plan. That is why we address our materials to the three members of the JCI Matrix:

 The Investor
 The Team Members
 The Entrepreneur

Starting, growing and managing a business is one of the most challenging endeavors any individual can undertake. While it can be immensely rewarding, it is a journey that is fraught with a never-ending series of opportunities that require the very best you can muster.

We say often at JCI that:
Absolutely nothing can guarantee success in business. No amount of capital, no great idea, no exceptional team can guarantee you will achieve sustainable profitability and cash flow. There are, however, an ongoing series of challenges you will encounter that will guarantee failure if not properly addressed.

Your role is to plan as carefully as possible to meet those challenges and mitigate the expected risks, execute those plans in a way that leverages your advantages, and be prepared to respond energetically, creatively and positively to those unknowns that will surely stand between you and success.

Our materials recognize that not all small companies are created equal or have similar goals. We recommend you take the JCI assessment and review the JCI Streets to Success discussion to help you choose the right path through the Academy materials.