Putting the pieces together

Putting the pieces together

Welcome to the Job Creation Institute Blog. It is my privilege to offer you the first of what will be hundreds of these missives from the JCI team and many guest bloggers. Our goal is to share with you our passion for the Job Creation process while providing some useful tidbits about the process of what we call “Growing the Pie.”

Ever since I was a child putting puzzles together has been one of my favorite challenges. The harder they are and the more the pieces, the more the satisfaction when you get to click in that one final piece, completing the picture.

Putting the pieces together with Job Creation Institute

The Grand Puzzle

Of all the puzzles I have worked on, my favorites have been those on troop ships, in hospitals, and in nursing homes. These are is a communal effort – everyone taking a few moments to look at things from a different perspective and adding a few pieces. It has always intrigued me that I could look for many minutes for a specific piece and then have someone walk up and instantly see a pattern or match that I was blind to and completely missed.

As I look back, my business career has involved the greatest puzzles of all. Successfully founding, financing and growing a business to profitability involves many, many pieces, and you don’t even have a complete picture to go by as you struggle with those pieces. Most entrepreneurs and Job Creators have a vision, a 3D picture in their mind of what their final results will look like, and they work to make that vision a reality that others can see.

Even more frustrating is the reality that many of those pieces are missing – a puzzle where you must create new pieces to fit them in.

I also have found that the business puzzle process benefits from those who make it a communal effort – the advisors, investors and employees who will see the evolving picture through different eyes, filters and perspectives.

JCI – Helping with the Pieces

One of the greatest pleasures we get at the Job Creation Institute is helping others put the pieces together. We first provide the “four corners” and framework of any business venture by explaining the Strateia Seven:

  • Strategic
  • Corporate
  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Operations
  • Administration
  • Finance

We have found everything involved in the job creation process can be fit into one of these seven topics, and we know it is useful to place the thousands of bits of information you will learn and need to know within this simple framework.

You will find a growing collection of detailed information on each of these topics and the items we address in this blog on our website. We also invite you to email us with questions and any suggested topics you think would be of interest to you and your fellow Job Creators.

Welcome and we look forward to having you back as we share more of our thoughts on this vital topic of Job Creation.

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